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How much is a haltech ecu

Haltech ECU - NEXUS R5. Haltech Pro Nissan Z32 Fairlady 300ZX Plug-in ECU. $1,690 View. Haltech Pro Nissan Z33 350Z DBW Plug-in ECU ... Haltech PD16 PDM. From $1,155 View. Be in the know .... The NEXUS PD16 is Haltech's new power distribution product. Boasting new, innovative yet user-friendly technology, it sets a new market standard for power ....

yes to get it you must use the M&W box as we have tested for haltech.. you can see the white wire running into the box that is the only wire hooking the CDI to the ECU.. we are. General Information. Cylinders. 6. Displacement. 2962 cc / 180.8 ci. Firing Order. 1,5,3,6,2,4. The RB30 engine is more commonly known as a GM-Holden engine from the Holden VL. what disorder causes someone to talk to themselves Honda K-Series Swap harness is designed to make the 2.0L and 2.4L K-Series engines swap into a RWD platform easily – plug and play! This Universal Harness is perfect for Race / Track cars, cars running a stripped interior / switch panel, or classic pre-EFI cars using the K-Series Honda/Acura K20 or K24 engine swap.

black cap menu. Haltech Elite 2500 ECU.Sale. Regular price. $ 1,995.00.Title. Ecu Only Ecu + 1.2m (4 ft) Basic Universal Wiring Harness Kit (no relays or fuses) Ecu + 2.5m (8 ft) Premium Universal Wiring Harness Kit – with firewall grommet, molded 6 power circuit Haltech fuse box &. Information on the Toyota 1UZ-FE Engine Haltech ECU Options All Haltech ECU models can run.

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ECU.Functions. Haltech - Mazda Rx8 K20/K24 Swap Rx8 Engine Harness. $825.00. We have taken the time to re-engineer the common K20/K24 engine harnesses to work with the 2004-2008 Mazda Rx8 paired with the Haltech engine management systems to allow for a seemless chassis integration. Base price breakdown -. We have spent a considerable amount of time getting.

2019. 8. 22. · If you’ve narrowed your choice down to a couple of ECUs but want to confirm you’ve made the right decision contact our Tech Support Hotline. Remember, our goal is not to just.

An ECU is a computer designed to control ignition and injection in an engine. It plays a central role in an EFI system, much like a carburetor and a distributor did in an old-school, mechanical.

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